The Kansas Lottery Act

The Kansas Lottery Act was passed into law by the Kansas Legislature in 1987, and is contained in K.S.A. 74-8701 through K.S.A. 74-8732. The Lottery Act establishes the state-owned and operated Kansas Lottery, and sets certain parameters for organization and operation of the Lottery. Distribution of all revenue from the Kansas Lottery is also directed by the Legislature pursuant to K.S.A. 79-4801 through K.S.A. 79-4806. In addition to the Act itself, individual game and promotion rules are set forth in temporary administrative regulations passed by the Kansas Lottery Commission at their periodic meetings (usually monthly).

Kansas Lottery Act Statutes

  • 74-8701 Title of act
  • 74-8702 Definitions
  • 74-8703 Kansas lottery established; executive director and other personnel; cooperation of other agencies; emergency purchases.
  • 74-8704 Executive director, powers.
  • 74-8705 Major procurement contracts; procurement negotiating committee; background investigation and information.
  • 74-8706 Executive director, duties.
  • 74-8707 Financial-compliance and security audits.
  • 74-8708 Lottery retailers.
  • 74-8709 Kansas lottery commission; membership; qualifications; chairperson; terms; meetings; powers and duties; compensation and allowances.
  • 74-8710 Rules and regulations; approval of new games.
  • 74-8711 Lottery operating fund; deposits; authorized uses; transfers to state gaming revenues fund.
  • 74-8712 Lottery prize payment fund.
  • 74-8713 Loans to lottery from state general fund.
  • 74-8714 Law enforcement powers, certain employees.
  • 74-8715 Assistant attorney general.
  • 74-8716 Conflicts of interests.
  • 74-8717 Forgery of lottery ticket; penalty.
  • 74-8718 Unlawful sale of lottery ticket; penalty.
  • 74-8719 Unlawful purchase of lottery ticket; penalty.
  • 74-8720 Prizes.
  • 74-8721 Ticket sales exempt from sales tax.
  • 74-8722 Lottery advertisements and promotions, minors.
  • 74-8723 Abolition of lottery.
  • 74-8724 Veterans benefit lottery game.
  • 74-8731 Multi state lottery; agreement; enactment.
  • 74-8732 Same; state's representative.
  • 79-4801 State gaming revenues fund; authorized uses; limitation on amounts credited thereto; transfers to state general fund
  • 79-4803 State gaming revenues fund; transfers to juvenile detention facilities fund, administration and authorized uses; transfers to correctional institutions building fund.
  • 79-4804 Same; transfers to state economic development initiatives fund; authorized allocations and uses, accounts created; investment by director of investments, disposition of proceeds; transfers of moneys to state water plan fund.
  • 79-4805 Problem gambling grant fund and treatment grant program.
  • 79-4806 Transfers to problem gambling grant fund.