Become A Retailer

What Can The Lottery Do For You?

  • Increase profits - get your share of over $16.2 million in retailer earnings. (Calendar Year 2020).
  • Add fun and excitement - In-store promotional opportunities are provided.
  • Give your customers an opportunity to win millions in prize money.
  • Allow cross merchandising opportunities.
  • Customer Traffic - add to the products you offer with minimal start up costs. Equipment, supplies and promotional support provided.
  • Advertising support - take advantage of the multi-media advertising campaigns and the excitement the Lottery provides. Free point-of-sale is provided.
  • Customer Service - a Lottery District Manager is assigned to regularly call on your account to provide inventory, supplies, training, and support.

It's Easy To Start

  1. Complete Application (click here)
  2. Requirements:
    • Pass criminal background
    • ADA approval
  3. Costs:
    • $150 application fee (This is a non-refundable fee.)
    • $10 weekly communication charge


Additional revenue

  • 5% selling commission
  • 1% cashing commission on all prizes under $600
  • 2% cashing commission on all Keno and Racetrax prizes under $600
  • 1% selling commission on prizes over $599 with a $10 minimum and $100 maximum
  • $10,000 selling bonus for a Powerball jackpot* winner
  • $1,000 selling bonus for $200,000 or more Powerball winner (excluding jackpot)
  • $10,000 selling bonus for a Mega Millions jackpot* winner
  • $1,000 selling bonus for $250,000 or more Mega Millions winner (excluding jackpot)
  • $2,500 selling bonus for a Lotto America jackpot* winner
  • $1,000 selling bonus for a Super Kansas Cash jackpot* winner
  • $1,000 selling bonus for a $100,000 or more Keno winner
  • $1,000 selling bonus for the $1,000,000 Raffle top prize winner
  • $1,000 selling bonus for $25,000 a year Lucky for Life winner
  • $2,500 selling bonus for $1,000 a day Lucky for Life winner

*If there is more than one(1) winning jackpot ticket sold in Kansas, the selling retailers shall split the bonus.

Flexible Cash Flow Options For Your Business

Consignment option available for instant products. Retailers are not required to pay for a pack of instant tickets until 60 days after it has been activated (offered for sale) or until 60% of the average number of prizes for that pack has been claimed, whichever comes first.

Ticket Allowance

Weekly statements provided showing all activity for the period and the amount to be billed or credited to your lottery account.

1/4 of 1% (.0025) of on-line sales produced on your terminal is provided to compensate for errors. For example: $100 X .0025 = $.25.

If you would like more information about becoming a retailer, please call 1-800-322-5688 and ask for the Director of Retailer Development and Operations, or email Mike.Todd@kslottery.net. Mike will be happy to assist you and answer any question you may have.