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Photo of Patsy and Danny Roberts
Lyndon Couple Claims $75,000 World Champion Chiefs Instant Prize!

A broken credit card reader on a gas pump set off a short series of events that ended with Patsy and Danny Roberts of Lyndon winning $75,000 on a $10 Kansas City Chiefs World Champions instant tick...
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Photo of Gary and April Charbonneau with Punkie and Missy
Wichita Man Wins $36,465 Keno Prize!

Gary Charbonneau of Wichita has always been a big fan of the Kansas Lottery’s Keno game. In fact, he has a tradition where he would get together with a friend for coffee and Keno. His playing tradi...
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Sparkling Cash Family Bonus Second Chance Drawing!
Submit your winning and non-winning tickets for an entry by 11:59pm on January 28, 2024 for your chance to win!

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Your Chance To Win A $50 Kansas Lottery Coupon!
Redeem points for an entry by 11:59 PM CT November 30, 2023 for your chance to win.

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Multiply Your Points With Super Kansas Cash And Mega Multiplier Tickets In November
Earn TRIPLE PlayOn points for Super Kansas Cash and Mega Multiplier game #334 tickets in November.

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