Turning Tides

Turning Tides

This morning as I stepped off my font porch I felt my hair get caught on something. Before I’d even turned my head I already knew what it was. For the past two days there has been a spider hanging out in that spot and its web had been getting bigger and bigger. Last night I had to duck when I passed it but today, in my hurry, I forgot to do so. As I brushed the sticky strands from my hair I apologized for destroying its home and then turned back around and continued along my way.


Not even halfway down the path, however, I caught myself muttering under my breath, “But I mean, you should have known that was coming when you built your web there, right?”




Yep. How quickly the tides turn. How ready we are to hand off that blame like a case of the cooties, and for what? To feel less guilty about what we’ve done? To sidestep the negative energy, the judgement, the shame so that it doesn’t fall on us?


Maybe sometimes we just need to go ahead and keep that blame to ourselves. Take responsibility and own our mistakes. Let them remind us of those traits we still need to work on and motivate us to do better next time.


I’m sorry, little spider. Please forgive me. If you’re still there tomorrow I will try to remember to duck.

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