Silver Linings

Silver Linings

It is now 11:54 PM on July 31, six minutes away from my deadline, and I am officially admitting defeat… sort of. The good news is that, even though I didn’t quite finish adding all of my revisions, I did finish marking every one of those said revisions for the entire draft. That counts as polishing, doesn’t it? And the even better news is that I’m completely finished with all of Part 1 as well as the crispy outer shell of the whole thing–the portion of the story that’s told in the present and sort of weaves throughout the rest. This is important because tomorrow I will be sending out an official Book Proposal–including the first piece of shell and two chapters (38 pages in all)–to my favorite of the nine different agents I have scoped out over the past few months.


During this upcoming week, I will finalize the revisions and complete my third draft, then print it out and give it one more looking-over before contacting my second-favorite agent, and then the third, and so forth until somebody decides to take a chance on me. In the meantime, I’m gonna work on other writing projects–short stories and magazine articles. I have submitted one of each this past month and it felt fantastic, as if I’m finally actually working toward becoming a bona fide Writer instead of just dreaming about it. I even received my very first rejection letter ever this past week, from Black Fox Literary Magazine:


We are very sorry to inform you that your piece, “Sidewalks,” was not selected for this year’s Black Fox Contest. We do, however, want to thank you for submitting and hope you will submit again to us in the future. We want to assure you that every entry was given a close look.


Proof, in black and white, that someone read my words.


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