My Second Love

My Second Love

The past couple of weeks have been extremely whirlwindy with so many writing projects, so much research, so many revisions in addition to my regular to-do list, but the moment I hit that submit button on my last assignment of the semester I felt a wave of relief wash over me, man. Yesterday evening I watched a whopping three entire television episodes with my daughter, and today I decided to pull out my old pencils and charcoals and work on some doodling–something I hadn’t done in probably close to a year. Not that I don’t have other deadlines for other (non-school-related) projects already breathing down my neck, but I just felt the need to create something for me tonight. Here’s a step-by-step of what came out after four hours.


1. Graphite sketch of a model in a magazine


2. Charcoal pencil on just the eyes, smudged with a home-made paper tortillon


3. Face and neck charcoaled


4. Hair charcoaled but not smudged


5. Final drawing


If you have an eye like mine you will notice that her nose is a little crooked, one of her irises is larger than the other one, I’m a little rusty with my shading, and I really should use a piece of paper under my hand to keep things from smudging where I don’t want them to smudge. I also wish she’d come from my head instead of from a magazine, but overall I’m pretty happy with her. Especially the little groove under her nose. I looked it up. It’s called a philtrum. I’m looking forward to drawing more of them this summer.

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