I had a brand new idea for a novel over the weekend. This is eventful for me. I’m not used to this whole idea-generating thing because, although I’m pretty okay at linking words together into fairly coherent sentences, I am NOT that great at just thinking up stuff. I suck at it, actually, and that’s not just me pretending to be humble. I really do struggle with creativity. It’s the same way with my art. Give me a number two pencil or a stick of charcoalĀ and a blank sheet of paper and I can copy something really well. But if you expect me to create something on that paper straight out of my head? Pfft, nope. It will be either memorized (and therefore flat and lifeless, most likely some lady’s head in profile) or just plain ugly. This is the reason why I’ve never felt comfortable referring to myself as an artist. An artist creates out of nothing. Me, though? I’m just a copier.


Anyhoo, this new idea that I had, it’s not something I just pulled out of thin air, but it is a new way of putting together a whole lot of not new ideas, or just different pieces of my life and my thoughts and my hobbies, and it’s the putting together of these things that makes it a new idea. I’m very happy with it.


I won’t write about it here, of course, but just know that it has to do with these handy dandy mint containers, of which I happen to be a huge fan. I’m also planning on doing a little experiment here in the next few days and weeks and months, just to get warmed up for this new project. We’ll see how it turns out.


For now, though, back to cranking out these school papers. Yikes!

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