Love Letters

Love Letters

I’m starting back up with this nonsense and enjoying it very much. Scattering these little notes around, hoping to widen their reach over time.


Here’s how I imagine it:


You are walking around town and stop to tie your shoelace. Or maybe you’re at a quirky coffee shop with a friend and drop your pen between the cushions of a sofa. Or maybe you are looking for a book at a library, or waiting at a bus stop.


Either way, you come across this little object. A container. You’re not sure what the heck it is. Whose is it? Who left it there? Should you pick it up? And what could possibly be inside??


Curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to take a risk. A pretty big risk, I’d say, because you have no idea what will happen once you do it. Will you get hurt? Will you regret doing what you’re about to do? You know that you might, but still, your curiosity is stronger than your fear and so you go for it. You open the container.


Inside you find a little scroll. As you begin to unroll it you see that it has marks. Letters. Maybe a doodle. You’re both confused and fascinated, still not knowing what to expect.


And then, when you finally read it, you realize that it was meant for you all along!


Now how do you feel?

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