Lines and Relief

Lines and Relief

I stumbled upon a new art medium last week and have been happily experimenting in it during my very limited free time.


It’s called metal embossing and it combines everything I love about pen-and-ink drawing: bold lines, high contrast, intricate patterns, angles and curves, but it ends up looking so dramatic and stately! If you want to learn more about it, watch this video from Elitia Hart. I have ordered some actual metal sheets and official metal embossing tools, but for now, because the Sagittarian in me simply couldn’t wait, here is what I used to create my first embossed metal project:


a disposable aluminum baking tin

a piece of foam

some double-sided tape

a bit of melted beeswax ($8 for a big block on Amazon)

a dull number two pencil

a mechanical pencil with a plastic tip

a ball point pen

a ruler

a piece of cardstock

black acrylic paint

permanent markers


It took me about three hours from start to finish, but that’s because I’m not experienced yet. I can’t wait to make more beautiful pieces!

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