Home Stretch

Home Stretch

I have received incredibly insightful, meticulous, and sincere feedback from my beta readers. I am fortunate to have these people in my life and so grateful to them for helping me make this book the best it can possibly be before sending it off to an agent. My next draft, officially number three and the one I intend to submit, is going to be ever so much more powerful than the first two! I can’t wait to finish making all of the changes and edits. Unfortunately, I only have two days remaining before my self-imposed August 1 deadline, and though I have come to accept the fact that the quality of this book is infinitely more important than a silly line I drew in the sand, the truth is I’m going to be pretty upset if, come Monday morning, I haven’t completed the final revisions.


So here’s the plan. Tomorrow, between visiting with family and chauffeuring my daughters around town, I will be busily marking up my second draft–crossing out, scribbling, highlighting, really determining what needs to be discarded and what needs to be brought out–and then Sunday? Oh, glorious Sunday. I will get up at the crack of diddly dawn and work straight through. I will wear a diaper and feeding tube, if need be, but I’m going to do it. I will!

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