Happy Reaping

Happy Reaping

Tonight I submitted my first of two Final Projects of the semester. Four personal essays that are far better than any writing I have ever produced. No fewer than seven drafts each. Hours and hours of painstaking revisions and every word, every comma, every dot of every i is exactly where I want it, exactly where it needs to be.


Since the semester began I have written several papers and also a handful of submittable pieces, most notably these essays. I have polished them and actually submitted two for publication (one of which has been “in-progress” by two different journals on Submittable for over a week now–I’m hoping that means progress?), but those two were nothing compared to these four, and now I have a total of six strong pieces with more seedlings sprouting in my head every day!


These courses have been exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed: exposure to what’s out there, the pressure to produce quality work, the feedback and guidance and inspiration and collaboration. I’m exactly where I need to be.


I’m happy.

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