Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain

Considering the fact that I don’t really have very much in the way of what’s actually on the scene (yet), this entire blog is basically a behind-the-scenes experience. Still, what I normally post here has already gone through a lot of thought, quite a bit of editing and revising, and a significant amount of polishing. It isn’t completely raw because raw is messy and ugly and sometimes a little scary. But also strangely comforting, I think, at least in small doses.


To that end, here is a tiny sampling of my raw stuff, taken from my current journal (which I adore, by the way–props to Molly & Rex!).


On trying to “find” my voice: (the underlining was done on a subsequent reading, while trying to find sparks)


On recalling details about the way my father dressed:


Notes for a poem called (very cryptically) “Sand”:


Doodles for a short story-slash-parable about the Colombian vote over the peace referendum back in October:


Nothing really mind-blowing, as you can see, but helpful. Journaling is a way to pull stuff out of your head (and other places) so you can see it.

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